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SOI - Bonded Wafers from Virginia Semiconductor, INC.

Virginia Semiconductor, Inc. offers Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) bonded wafer substrates. VSI supplies, manufacturers, as well as R&D engineers, with custom SOI substrates for applications in Sensor Devices, MEMS, Optics, Bio Tech, and Discrete Devices.

VSI has manufactured SOI wafers for production since 1999. Since VSI specializes in manufacturing custom silicon substrates, we can better serve your bonded-wafer needs for special applications. VSI will help you to develop the correct specifications for your bonded-wafer substrates, as well as methods to integrate the bonded-wafer to your existing or future device fabrication process.

Bonded Wafers Specifications

Wafer Properties Target Specifications
Thermal SiO2 Layer Thickness 0.5 µm - 4.0 µm
Handle Wafer Thickness 100 µm - 2000 µm
Device Wafer Thickness 10 µm - 2000 µm
Device Wafer Tolerance 1.0 µm - 25 µm
Device and Handle Wafer Resistivities    0.00055 - 10,000 ohm-cm
Crystal Orientation & Dopant Any
Wafer Diameter 50.8mm, 76.2mm, 100mm, & 150mm